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TheBeesKnees®Goals, Systems And Sustainability

Welcome to The Bees Knees® website - TBK. What's it about? TBK is a carefully moderated (not censored) place we citizens can use to share good stuff about goal-driven systems and sustainability of our critical environment and ecosystems.

TBK brings value to you as citizens, parents, teachers and professionals with information about sustainability - including looking after bees, critical to our agriculture, gardens and parks - and how economics and politics can be understood and used to achieve your aims and goals. "Think Global, Act Local!". OK - but why, what, how and when...

TBK provides useful content and tools depending on how you want to work with them. Some examples:

  • [Blogs] let us talk together about making TBK work better;
  • [Wiki] allows teams to share information about their activities and projects;
  • [Tiny URL] is a handy tool (first of a few) to make long-winded URLs into little ones that can be stored and used easily;
  • [Feedback] lets you give feedback including pointing to good Internet sources, and books;
  • [Club] introduces how we can work together;
  • [Your Say] introduces how you can author comments, documents - even websites - to be hosted by TBK.

TBK delivers a range of useful resources and information, well structured around frameworks relating to two main threads, namely [1] economics and politics, and [2] sustainability.

[1] "Goals and Systems" is a systematic framework of how citizens can adopt a new economic and political paradigm to achieve common worthwhile goals including dealing with Climate Change sustainably. It provides a framework for rational debate.

[2] "Sustainability" is the philosophy and practice of treading lightly on our Earth, for our own benefit, and the benefit of our descendants. TBK provides useful information of how citizens can embrace sustainability: it ties in with the UN's Sustainability Development Goals, and our own initiatives. It provides a framework for debate AND focussed activities and projects.

To explore TBK:

  • The Buzz keeps you up with what is happening within The Bees Knees® ecosystem;
  • Goals And Systems describes a Goal Driven Systems approach to economics and politics;
  • Sustainability outlines the basis of sustainability, living now with the future in mind;
  • Services describes some useful services and products;
  • Players and Partners pages provide quick navigation to other parties in this environment;
  • Useful Links presents links to other useful and interesting websites;
  • Useful Books presents links to important and useful books;
  • Case Studies - TBK lists relevant examples of the concepts presented here;
  • Case Studies - Other lists relevant work on infrastructure assets - critical to achieving our goals;
  • Glossary defines various terms and acronyms, to get past various jargons and improve communication of concepts;
  • Questions? answers Frequently Asked Questions, including help for using TBK;
  • Other pages will be developed with feedback - hopefully yours!

Current Status - Normal

TBK is being developed iteratively, with user input and various helpers. Check The Buzz for news. Check instructions for how to develop you input, including adding your websites into the mix.

No urgent issues have been noted.

During use TBK sometimes returns to the logon form, when a change has been made to a page and your browser's cache has been tickled. Annoying! Being investigated. In the meantime, go to the home page and logon again.

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TheBeesKnees® Support Team

Contact TheBeesKnees® team directly with [Contact] or [Feedback].


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Page last updated on: 12/09/2018
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