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Bees Knees Services And Systems


Welcome to The Bees Knees® website. It supports the provision of educational services relating to bees throughout our environment.

Our core business is adding value to you as teachers and professionals with information and services relating to understanding and looking after bees, critical to our agriculture, gardens and parks.

We work within the following frameworks:

  • 1...

  • 2...

The business unit...

Reliable and efficient service delivery requires ...

Our approach...

To meet the requirements...

With regard to...

Our website provides a range of useful resources and information to assist.

  • Breaking News keeps you abreast of all that is happening within TAMS Asset Services and OpenTAMS®;
  • Service Lines describes the services / products that we provide;.
  • Customers and Partners pages provide a quick navigation to other parties in the infrastructure sector;
  • Useful Links provides a growing tabulation of other useful websites;
  • Case Studies - TAMS lists some of our work, with brief descriptions and relevant photographs;
  • Case Studies - Other lists capability statements and examples of work done by other teams;
  • Glossary defines terms used in this website and in relevant literature;
  • Questions? has a wide variety of information classified by audience and topic;
  • Other pages contain information relating to relevant systems, especially OpenTAMS®, and more generally critical areas of data management and consistent processing.

Current Status - Normal

The Bees Knees website is being developed. See the PrimeZone site at for information about the framework for the educational information to be provided. Click on the PrimeZone icon to go to this site.

No urgent issues have been noted with regard to BeesKnees

A number of major improvements and fixes have been made to BeesKnees. Check Breaking News for details.

BeesKnees Support

Contact TheBeesKnees Support directly to request further information and technical support. Details and instructions are on the Contact Us page.


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