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TheBeesKnees® Partners

Enquiries regarding working together should be directed to Webmaster - Robert Molyneux.

Enquiries for TheBeesKnees® technical issues, suggestions, and future directions should be made to Webmaster - Robert Molyneux.

The following lists some of our partners and colleagues with whom we have worked in the strategic management of assets, using modern Information Systems techniques coupled with engineering, scientific and technical expertise:



Website: none

For several years, Ibisnest and Drehmex have supplied skilled and experienced staff to develop, test and document asset management systems such as OpenTAMS, as well as sales and marketing and after-sales support for a systematic approach to infrastructure assets..

Customer Contact: Robert Molyneux

Email: ibisnest@iinet.net.au

Primate Programming Inc

Primate Programming Inc

Website: http://www.newtechusa.com/ppi/main.asp

Primate Programming Inc was engaged to work on Zoo systems. Check their website for more information about these energetic and economically priced resources.


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