TAMS Upgrades

When you first purchased TAMS, you may have been provided with a CD-ROM containing the latest versions of all TAMS files, or you may have downloaded them from the TAMS Website.

If you have a CD-ROM, you should copy its contents of the CD to your network to a directory called CD_Image. It can be located anywhere on the network that is accessible to your TAMS Administrator.

In the rest of this document, the network copy is referred to as the “CD_Image”.

The upgrade process uses the CD_Image directory

TAMS further development will fix bugs, enhance existing functionality, and provide new functions. This will involve changes and additions to TAMS programs and / or the TAMS database, so some or all of these files may be changed.

We will regularly update our master version of the CD_Image and provide the various files for download from the TAMS Website.

In order for you to update your copy of TAMS, you will need to ensure your version of the CD_Image matches the website version.

After you have updated your CD_Image, you will be able to update TAMS by running the LoadTAMS process that installed TAMS V2 for the first time.

To safeguard your data, the LoadTAMS process will make a new copy of your TAMS database, and make no (or minimal) changes to existing data.

When the upgrade / conversion is complete, you will still be able to use the old version until you are satisfied there are no problems arising from the new version, after which the old version can be archived (and deleted if disk space is required).

The complete process is described on the Downloads page.

The files required to maintain your CD_Image are accessible from the Downloads page.

NOTE: Once TAMS has been correctly installed in conformance with network access and security, special administration access should not be required for any processes involving TAMS maintenance and administration.