TAMS Object Downloads

TAMS further development will fix bugs, enhance existing functionality, and provide new functions.

Some of these changes and additions may only affect one or two of the TAMS “programs”, which may consist of a “Form”, “Library”, “Script”, “Query” or “Report”.

When a change does NOT involve a change to the TAMS database, it is a simple matter to introduce the new programs by copying them into the TAMS directory.

The TAMS Website includes several pages called “Downlists - Forms”, “DownLists - Libraries” and so on. Each one contains a list of all the current TAMS objects of the type - for example Downlists - Forms lists all current forms.

To get the latest version of a program, select it from the appropriate list and save it to the TAMS directory on your network.

Where a version of the program already exists, overwrite the old copy. It is advisable to safeguard the old copy in case the latest version causes unexpected problems.


A bug or enhancement may involve changes to several programs - for example, a form may use a library which uses a query and a script to process data to be used for a new report. Read the instructions and comments carefully, and if in any doubt contact TAMS User Support. This method is aimed to assist us to quickly distribute fixes and enhancements.

Major upgrades and releases require the method described in the FAQ “How upgrades will be delivered in future”.

NOTE: Once TAMS has been correctly installed in conformance with network access and security, special administration access should not be required for any processes involving TAMS maintenance and administration.