Which Version Of Paradox

TAMS uses the Paradox Relational Database Management System marketed by the Canadian company Corel. Since 1993, Paradox has been steadily developed as part of Corel’s WordPerfect Office suite. Since V9, Paradox has only been sold as part of the WordPerfect Office suite’s “Professional Edition”.

TAMS currently requires the use of Paradox V10.

Paradox is available as a “runtime” version (downloaded free from the Corel website at http://www.corel.com. Look for the Downloads - Patches and updates - WordPerfect 10 page) or a full version for a relatively small fee of about $200.

We strongly recommend that at least one copy of the full version be purchased to enable effective and efficient support of TAMS.

To use full Paradox legally, you must have a valid licence, currently only obtainable as V12. However, you can “downgrade” your licence and legally use V10.

 Please contact TAMS Support for the latest information on obtaining, installing and using Paradox.


As with most commercial software, Corel release “service packs” (SP) to repair defects found subsequent to the initial version. Check the Corel website for the latest service packs, at May 2004 being SP4.

Note that Paradox is listed as part of the WordPerfect Office 2002 suite.

Note that the service packs may be cumulative - for example SP3 includes all previous service packs, whereas SP4 requires SP3 to have been installed first.


The TAMS database comprises a mix of Level 5 and Level 7 tables. They are virtually completely compatible with any version of Paradox beyond V7.

Versions of Paradox other than V10 cannot use the programs developed and compiled using V10, but un-compiled programs are generally able to be used by subsequent versions (eg V11 can use source programs developed in V5 or V10, but V9 may not be able to use source programs developed in V10 or V11).

Occasionally a program developed in V10 may be changed if run using V11 so that it can no longer be run with C10. Save frequently and often!

 Different versions of Paradox can be installed on the same computer, usually without problems, and can share data but not programs..