Why The-Bees-Knees?

I was introduced to the joys of bees when a friend, John, and I tried to save a hive in my neighbour’s shed wall.  The shed was pretty dilapidated – lovely broken asbestos panels – so we were able to break away a panel to get at the hive. As it turned out, the hive had been poisoned with paint thinner, and only a few bees were still alive.

From this I spent time with John learning some basic apiarist techniques.

The-bees-knees (TBK) started as a site to collate information about bees, based on a site that I developed to support activities for local and state government agencies to manage civil infrastructure –  water & sewerage networks, treatment plants, stormwater drainage, flood management, road networks, property and buildings – pretty much everything we rely on for decent living except electricity networks.

Then I became interested in The Conversation – a great electronic journal – but became frustrated with the ephemeral nature of journals – the same topics arise year after year (euthanasia, climate change, politics and economics, sustainability) and each time, the same arguments and debates flourish for a week or so, before dying away – ready for the next time.

So – TBK is now a databank (careful of the word “repository”!) to distil the results of debates and information gathering into a more permanent form.

It uses a range of techniques, especially electronic documents available on the Internet. It is not a replacement for Google – “500,000 documents in 0.47 seconds on any question you ask” – rather, it aims to pick which few of the 500,000 are actually sane and rational answers to key issues.

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