Images And Stories

There are two ways of handling images in TBK.

One is by clicking on [Images] which starts coppermine – an excellent free gallery including the ability to upload your own photographs. Give it a try.

The other is to have a set of photographs in a little website within TBK that can be tailored to tell a story.  There are some early examples of these in the Gateway navigators.  Explore and see if you can find them! Look for [Album] or [Photos].

The time consuming part of handling images is naming them (from the random names your camera gives them:  “SomeRandomID” ===> “Meaningful_Name”) and describing them (“SomeRandomID” ===> “Yet_Another_Photo_Of_Meercats”) and resizing them – from humungous file in your camera ===> smaller file useful for websites to display.

Anyway – I don’t have any solution to the names and descriptions problem.

But coppermine does a good jobs of handling resizing and storing name / description and comments… Give it a try and let me know of any issues.

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