Why Another Website?

There are millions of websites and gazillions of words about every topic imaginable. Why yet another?

Because words are so dense, we need a framework to structure all the words into manageable chunks.  TBK does this. It offers lots of links to lots of words – but organised around grids – typically, a central topic (“The meaning of life”) and a number of subtopics arranged as spokes – “Family”, “Friends”, “Food”, “Wine and Beer”, “Religion”, “Politics” – whatever makes a start to understanding the topic and bringing together the best and most authoritative “objects” to make sense of it.

The “objects” can be anything – photographs, text, websites, YouTube movies – whatever is available through the internet – or simply, a book.

And at the end of the day, so what? This is where it gets interesting. “Think global, act local”. What can you do to work with the resources assembled to make a difference?

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Robert Molyneux

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