Frameworks And Scaffolding

I am spending some time developing examples of the “gateways” for introducing topics and their dimensions.

GatewayS01 in the Gaols and Systems page’s “Resource Table” shows a complex of 14 or so pages about economics and politics that are interconnected – in three layers to allow for drilling down to more detail.

Layer 1 – highest level – introduction

Layer 2 – middle level – details of some top-most items

Layer 3- lowest level – further details of some Level 2 items.

GaiaS02 in the Sustainability page shows topics introducing issues about bees.

As I develop more and more resources (for example, authoritative sites) I will be building “scaffolds”.  For example the UN’s sustainability website includes goals such as reduction in poverty and improvements in agriculture – with beekeeping contributing to both these goals.

Thus the gateways can be considered as frameworks (like layers of closely related topics with vertical drill-downs) and they can be linked through a scaffold (like a network of horizontal bars).

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